Caffè Al Bicerin

When You are 1.741,03 km far away from home on San Valentino You have two opportunities: to stay at home, watching Facebook page, disliking all romantic posts, or enjoy the Life!

In my opinion – love and chocolate always go hand in hand, so I decided to go in the most famous place in Torino “Caffè Al Bicerin”,  glorious place and full of history.  It is on  Piazza della Consolata (street) since 1763!!!

I was dreaming to try the the highly recommended drink  – Bicerin. Cold cream on the top, coffee and really hot and dark chocolate (drink it slowly and don’t mix it –  the most strict rule!). Top note of the drink was like a paradise, but the conclusion was cloying even for me, as a dark chocolate lover. I still don’t know was it worth 6€, but once in a lifetime you should try it!

So the secret of amazing  day – meeting new friends and sharing chocolate!

Hungary+Germany+Latvia = surviving in Italy
img_5935Santuario della Consolata

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