Torino street Nicolo Machiavelli

Yesterday was my month in Italy! And now i have two favorite places where i really enjoy to be and where my heart smiles like never. The first one is – Porta Palazzo market. I love the mix of  smell of strawberries, mint, lemons, herbs, which names i don’t know, cheese and all local colors! Love to get lost there and to have difficulties with pronouncing the Italian names for all that variety. That is where meet the smell, the sound and the visualization hedonism. I will definitely capture that place, but waiting for summer fruits.

The second place i found, on the first week of my straggling around the city, was – Nicolo Machiavelli street. That is the place in which i get lost in reverie and i really don’t know why, but that became a special spring spot for me. Sitting near to river Po and looking around. I am very surprised by fact how Torino citizens love dogs so much. They are everywhere! The place where i was born dogs and  their owners are not so blithe. I feel like a little girl siting on swing and everyone who is passing by smiles to me.




Wish you heart full of spring feelings.



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