Meet me

First off, THANK YOU for checking out my blog!

It means a lot to me so thanks for stopping by to visit! 

Let’s see…. How would I describe myself? Obviously, I love to explore new places, it always has been my passion starting from childhood by travelling even to neighbor backyard. With no doubts I always was and always will be a daydreamer.
I always wanted to be a writer or to work with animals, to see and discover as much as I can.

I am from a small, cozy Latvia and I very well know what means to live inside 4 walls, but I decided to have a different tipe of life, because I understood how short it really is! One life. Just one. Why  aren’t  we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?

thank you

For no special reason I want to share my seeing of the world. There are moments which i would love to last a life-time, and people i would love to see again and again. My blog is about that. The camera as a  continuation of the eyes and mind. The game with things that disappear each  moment. That is my chance to catch one breath, reality and feelings.

Revel in…



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