I wish I did it different


Yesterday got trough all my posts and understood: blog is an amazing thing, a place where I store my memories.


When I look at the photos of me next to the mountains, I think I still can feel that smell of melting snow-covered shapes of Alps, that I still have a sensation of spring sun on my skin and my eyes have never gazed so far away expecting miracle to happen.


And only what is missing is me… me there, right in that moment.

When I look at the huge and powerful to graceful architecture of city and squares where I was walking, I wish I could stay longer on that lightly cool granite, desperate for heady zabaione gelato.

Wish I saved more money on bus and go trough all the city by foot, to take a breath in shade of church and to whisper to myself : “for my strength is made perfect weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

I wish I could wake up 5 in the morning with loudly beating heart and avidly desire to live.

Wish to go for a run while everyone is still sleeping and see how sun is warming up the asphalt and shore of the river. To fall on the dew-grass in the park and be frightened by playful dog.


Wish to loose my appetite for all I have tasted before and to gulp Pan di Stelle cookies and pasta with Grana Padano cheese. Just for a moment to revel in to the rainbow of flavors of Porta Palazzo market: strawberries, mint, lemons, herbs, which names I don’t know… Place where the smell, the sound and the visualization hedonism are dancing.

Wish to spend evening at home, just to blend with laud rain and thunderbolts on black sky. To sleep with open windows all night and in the morning to wake up with birds singing so soft, sweet and hearing voices on the street of barely understandable language.

Wish to fall happily drunk from bench. And to feel that soul found rest.

Wish to have only 20 kilo of personal belongings for life.


Years greatest lesson  – depending only on yourself is shortest way to Carpe diem.

I wish I did it different.



Sacra di San Michele

Realizing that my journey in Italy soon will end, leaded me to do the thing i wanted to accomplish from the beginning of my adventure.

I fell in love with mountains first when I saw them in Slovakia, it was winter and foggy weather. So we couldn’t see them sharp. All I was asking my boyfriend, are these mountains or just clouds, because i newer seen them before in my life. Since then I want a little house near mountains! But that is just a dream… Which one day will become an goal!

So going in, I decided to concur  the Sacra of San Michele in the first day of summer! This monument is a symbol of Piedmont Region . But the most what was sparking in me was the way up!


I got the train from Torino to S.Ambrogio, it took less than half an hour to get there. I was not even looking at the map to find where i should go.

My reference point was waiting for me! And it to be true, scaring me. How im gonna get there? And dark clouds were coming.


Very fast i found the road through the forest which leaded to the top. I was moving fast without a stop. I was so excited to get to the destination! But in the middle I started to realize what i signed up for an amazing view. Tiredness and not seeing the end of the road puzzled me. But still i was enjoying that i didn’t met nobody on my way up!


After hour and the half of running up I was proud and happy! And trying not to think about the way back, but only enjoying the moment and life!  The spiritual value and the landscape that sorrounds it trasform the Sacra in is a special destination for special desires for loneliness.


Well, the road back was not so bad and even more faster than up!




2013 год.

Раньше я так далеко не уезжала!

Мечтала и составляла список мест.

Париж был десятым в списке, а по истечению обстоятельств оказался на первом.

Я избегаю стереотипов.  Париж – город любви, Эйфелева башня, круассаны!

Но все же я хотела посмотреть на этот город с другой стороны, не идти по протоптанной тропинке.

В Париж стоит ехать за атмосферой, за холодной надменностью бутиков, за выпечкой… Кстати толк  в булочках французы точно знают, не зря круассаны там готовят с  1770 года.

Но больше всего  Франция завораживает монументальными зданиями, библиями в камне и витражными композициями.

В Париж стоит съездить, что бы увидеть, на что способно человечество.