Being here, in Italy, many times I received  a question: “How do you see US Italians?”, and I was lost in conjecture.  It was only 10 days of my journey, but I already think that it would be more difficult to understand their mentality and culture.

The first words I associate with Italian people are: expressiveness with kindness, generosity, naivety, measured pace and national pride! And also what scares me , while I still learn language, is that they easily start conversation with a stranger. But if you ask for help, after a while around you will be a council which will try to solve your problem. That is amazing!

I also asked them how do you see “Russian language and Russians?”. The answers fascinated me: rough, hard, evil… the most interesting was to see how Italians try to show Russian accent. It really remind me of Hitlers speech! I think i should make more notes about that, it can become a great story.

But article should be about my trip to Milan. Some Italians say they love that place, someone hate it and lose they self there. I am more closer to the second opinion…

img_5944Of course everything started in Duomo di Milano. Even in February there was a very long line to get on the roof. img_5979They say there are more statues on this gothic-style cathedral than any other building in the world. There are 3,400 statues that decorate Milan Duomo!img_5999

Ti voglio bene!

img_5955Spare money? Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

img_5960img_5983img_5976Castello Sforzescoimg_5967



2013 год.

Раньше я так далеко не уезжала!

Мечтала и составляла список мест.

Париж был десятым в списке, а по истечению обстоятельств оказался на первом.

Я избегаю стереотипов.  Париж – город любви, Эйфелева башня, круассаны!

Но все же я хотела посмотреть на этот город с другой стороны, не идти по протоптанной тропинке.

В Париж стоит ехать за атмосферой, за холодной надменностью бутиков, за выпечкой… Кстати толк  в булочках французы точно знают, не зря круассаны там готовят с  1770 года.

Но больше всего  Франция завораживает монументальными зданиями, библиями в камне и витражными композициями.

В Париж стоит съездить, что бы увидеть, на что способно человечество.