Villa della Regina

Marvelous palace in the city of Torino definitely one of my favorite places now, specially the garden!

















Torino – Parco Colletta

Today my little childhood dream came true! I felt like in a adventure film “Lassie”.  If to be true I don’t really remember the plot of that movie, but the feeling of country life is associated to me with collie Lassie.

After lessons I went to a Parco Colletta in Torino to enjoy the spring weather and to read a book under the shadows of  trees. Suddenly out of nowhere park was occupied by sheeps! The old Italian cattleman with collie, came to me just to talk, because he saw the camera in my hands. Of course our conversation wasn’t long (because of my Italian knowledge), but he made a photo of me, what was really lovely, because I think he never held a camera before. But i never petted a sheep before.



Torino street Nicolo Machiavelli

Yesterday was my month in Italy! And now i have two favorite places where i really enjoy to be and where my heart smiles like never. The first one is – Porta Palazzo market. I love the mix of  smell of strawberries, mint, lemons, herbs, which names i don’t know, cheese and all local colors! Love to get lost there and to have difficulties with pronouncing the Italian names for all that variety. That is where meet the smell, the sound and the visualization hedonism. I will definitely capture that place, but waiting for summer fruits.

The second place i found, on the first week of my straggling around the city, was – Nicolo Machiavelli street. That is the place in which i get lost in reverie and i really don’t know why, but that became a special spring spot for me. Sitting near to river Po and looking around. I am very surprised by fact how Torino citizens love dogs so much. They are everywhere! The place where i was born dogs and  their owners are not so blithe. I feel like a little girl siting on swing and everyone who is passing by smiles to me.




Wish you heart full of spring feelings.


Day and midnight in Torino

I am always saying that i don’t like to make photos of people. Humans are definitely small creatures, but someone of us create big things. If to start to think about that a lot, it becomes too scary, of what is capable humans mind! And that is what i love to capture – infinite potential of us.  It fascinates me of how from stone people come up with architecture. From huge and powerful to graceful and exquisite.

But what humans will never be able to tame is day coming and going, even in magic Turin.


Caffè Al Bicerin

When You are 1.741,03 km far away from home on San Valentino You have two opportunities: to stay at home, watching Facebook page, disliking all romantic posts, or enjoy the Life!

In my opinion – love and chocolate always go hand in hand, so I decided to go in the most famous place in Torino “Caffè Al Bicerin”,  glorious place and full of history.  It is on  Piazza della Consolata (street) since 1763!!!

I was dreaming to try the the highly recommended drink  – Bicerin. Cold cream on the top, coffee and really hot and dark chocolate (drink it slowly and don’t mix it –  the most strict rule!). Top note of the drink was like a paradise, but the conclusion was cloying even for me, as a dark chocolate lover. I still don’t know was it worth 6€, but once in a lifetime you should try it!

So the secret of amazing  day – meeting new friends and sharing chocolate!

Hungary+Germany+Latvia = surviving in Italy
img_5935Santuario della Consolata

Monte dei Cappuccini

Day #3

Just the third day in Italy but i already have two local friends who took me today to Monte dei Cappuccini!

I had a great opportunity to have a leaded excision from the monk of the church . He showed us with awe their little garden, and invited to come here one more time in spring when all trees will blossom. He showed us also the church from inside and told interesting facts about it. I highly recommend to see that place!

My Italian amici! img_5826img_5842img_5873


The view from Gran Madre di Dio.


That day ended in french cafe in Italy “Torteria Berlicabarbis”. I think there are no many words needed to describe the taste, simply – Molto buono!